Digital Libary

At Harvest Wealth Management, we believe that educated clients are the best kind. Use our digital library to stay on top of important topics that augment our in-person conversations. 

Get to Know Medicare

Over the years we have received a lot of questions about Medicare. To help those questions, we teamed up with a specialist from Fidelity. This video is a great opportunity for anyone with existing coverage to reassess, and those new to Medicare to create a good foundation of knowledge.


Vegetable Gardening 101

Learn how to start your own vegetable garden or get the most out of your existing garden in this webinar featuring Charlie Nardozzi, a gardening coach and consultant with over 30 years experience teaching and inspiring home gardeners.


Socially Conscious Investing

Interested in creating financial portfolios that reflect your values? Learn about ESG and how it can help you select investments.




Buy or Lease a Car

Does it make more sense to buy or lease a car when you are starting out? Learn how to make the decision.




Creative Planning

Wealth planning is both an art and a science. Learn how creativity can help you visualize future outcomes.





A will can provide a financial roadmap for your family. 




Investment Policy 

An investment policy statement (IPS) helps chart your path. Learn how.





Trusts can help you preserve your legacy and help you manage how you leave assets to your family.




Saving for College

Learn effective strategies to plan for higher education costs.




Financial Planning

We employ a financial planning process designed to help you on your path toward success. Learn more.




The Power of a Trust

Trusts can help protect your assets so you create a lasting legacy for the ones you love most.




Asset Allocation

An asset allocation strategy can help reduce your risk.




Business Planning

View a business owner succession plan checklist to help prepare for the future.




Elder Care

Caring for aging parents can be emotionally and financially challenging. View a checklist to help.




Annual Review

Learn how a yearly financial check-up can help keep you on the path toward your financial goals. 




Saving for Retirement

Financial security in retirement takes planning and commitment. 




Retirement Income

To retire with confidence you need to know what to do with what you've saved. 




How Do I Budget?

Learning how to budget is an essential financial foundation. Learn how to make every penny count.





Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts can provide financial control and tax efficiencies.