Your financial wellness is our priority.

But we realize there is more to life than your finances.
We connect our clients to resources focused on whole well-being.

Beyond Finances

We believe that a good advisor should do more than help with investments and your financial plan. We want to help you in all aspects of your life with very few boundaries. We have a broad array of interests and are always looking to make your life better.

With client feedback, we have helped people in the past with the following:

Network: We have an expansive network of trusted professionals who can help our clients solve almost any problem.

Exclusive Linkedin Group: We invite our clients to join our private LinkedIn group where members of the Harvest Wealth Management family can expand their network and connect.

Travel Seminars: Many of our clients love to travel, they just aren’t sure where to go and how to do it. By bringing independent travel agents from groups such as Road Scholar, we help give them a path and direction for their future travel.

Child Education Workshops: Starting in high school, we offer our clients' children workshops on topics such as: an introduction to investments, and budgeting and personal finance. Helping set a positive financial foundation early, helps our clients' children prepare for the future.

Dating Seminars: We work with some amazing people who are looking for a partner in life. We collaborate with dating coaches to help those people find a possible match. It is truly rewarding to help our clients find a partner.

Cooking Classes: In an effort to share our passion for cooking and food with our clients, we host events centered around cooking and wine tasting.

Paper Shredding Events: By hosting a paper shredding party at your house or our office, we try to make decluttering a festive event.

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